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The Discovery Program: Brand Creation, Expansion and Extension!
As a former federal investigator who is accustomed to eliciting information from witnesses to piece together the “big picture,” I was greatly impressed by Dick Bruso’s ability to analyze and synthesize my background, book and other writing efforts, with laser-like focus, to create a brand and tag line that fits like a finely tailored glove. Dick uses his decades of experience and unique skills to zero in on the heart of who you are and what you have to offer to the world to build a rock solid platform. Working with Dick was like visiting with an old friend. His warmth, wit, and infectious good nature made the “discovery” process a real pleasure. He has a God-given talent that can help any aspiring writer, speaker or entrepreneur. He has my highest recommendation! 
~Jeff Walton, speaker and author of the award-winning Christian Novel, "Final Departure"
Genius! That is the word that best describes Dick Bruso and his process for helping clients with their branding issues. In two days Dick helped me create an entirely new, and FANTASTIC, brand identity and tag line for my services.  He also helped me package and price my services, laser target my ideal clients, and develop a plan of attack to bring in more business.  All things that I have been struggling with for years. Dick is the REAL DEAL. He knows branding inside out and really cares about his clients. I highly recommend Dick Bruso and am truly honored to be a client and have him as a friend.

~ Kelly Ross Kerr, founder of Amped Up Digital

I hired Dick a few months ago to help me with branding and to help in building my speaking platform Dick has an amazing gift to help people understand their story and to synthesize that story into a brand. I had told many people what I am about to tell you - the BEST money I have EVER invested in my business (in any of my businesses) has been the money I have paid Dick to help me.
~Jerome Wade, founder and CEO of The Epic Advantage

For a no-obligation overview of the Discovery Program and how it can best benefit you and powerfully position your business in the marketplace, please call Dick Bruso at 303-841-5122.

The Discovery Program process is as follows:
1) Reviewing in depth any materials you would provide prior to our meeting in Colorado. These materials and your website, will allow me to gain additional insights in preparation for our meeting. 
2) Next, (unless you reside in Colorado) you would fly into Denver, arriving mid-morning. After an early lunch we will meet for a half-day at my place. During this half-day session we will undergo an extensive four hour Q&A process that will allow me to get a more complete picture of you and your goals. That evening, after we have had a nice dinner I will review all information gathered, in preparation for a jam-packed one-day meeting to take place the following day.

3) The aforementioned one day meeting would be conducted from approx. 9:00 a.m. to approx. 4:00 p.m. (with a break for lunch) at my place. During the initial portion of our one-day meeting we will jointly modify/prioritize your 3 to 4 key objectives (e.g., creating/expanding your brand and tagline, determining ideal target markets and how to best reach them, etc.) to address throughout the remainder of the day.
4) Once these objectives are prioritized, we will focus on related and powerful strategies (and as time permits, the tactics, as well), in order to successfully meet these objectives.

5) In addition, I will be teaching you the Power Referral Process which can significantly enhance your ability to secure ongoing business for many years to come.

6) At the end of the day (prior to taking you back to the airport) we will review and prioritize the various strategies and establish the appropriate timelines, as well.
7) Within 30 to 60 days of our meeting we will have two hours, at your discretion, to review and assist you with the aforementioned related strategies to make sure they are in the process of being successfully implemented.
I sincerely believe you will find our working together via the Discovery Program, to be truly beneficial in reaching your specific branding related goals, as well as creating a powerful positioning for you in the marketplace. I promise we will accomplish a lot and will have a great deal of fun in the process, as well! ~Dick Bruso
For someone who is in the business of helping companies discover "who they are" as the first step to creating hyper-growth, it was critical that I enlisted a master when it came to crafting my company's brand. Dick Bruso's exhaustive, comprehensive review and analysis of the enormous content I provided allowed him to crystallize a vision of my company's core essence within just a few hours of first meeting. It was nothing short of amazing.Dick was adept at asking the right questions, the hallmark of a skilled branding and marketing consultant. A pleasurable and highly collaborative process, the result has been a new and enhanced brand  - complete with logo, tag line, and 'persona' - that has drawn rave reviews nationally.  Dick Bruso and Heard Above The Noise receive my highest recommendation!
~ Sean Stormes, speaker, author, and founder of "The Third Door"

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